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Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country


This book is British-Nigerian storyteller Atinuke's love letter to Africa: a carefully curated sample of the continent's 55 countries, in all their amazing diversity. Her beautifully-written, lively text reflects Africa’s unique mix of the modern and the traditional, as she explores its geography, its peoples, its animals and its fascinating history.

The book divides Africa into five sections: South, East, West, Central and North, each with its own introduction. This is followed by a page per country, containing a delightful mix of friendly, informative text and colourful illustrations. With just a a couple of facts per page, the book is perfectly geared toward seven year old readers, and imagined as a diving-off point: to inspire children to find out more about each and every country...

So, welcome to Africa, Amazing Africa: the richest king, the tallest sand dunes and the biggest waterfall on the planet are all here, alongside drummers, cocoa growers, inventors, balancing stones, salt lakes, high-tech cities and nomads who use GPS!

  • Author: Atinuke
  • Why we love it: A fun and wonderful way to learn about different countries in Africa and beautifully illustrated too
  • Hardcover: 80 pages
  • Reading Level: 6-12
  • Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 1 x 30 cm

Customer Reviews

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Laura (Fetcham, GB)
Brilliant, fun, informative book

I bought this book for my 6 and 8 year old. They both love it, it’s really colourful and fun and have been telling me lots of facts about different African countries. I really want them to grow up with a good understanding of different countries in Africa and I feel this book helps with that a lot.

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