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Lovely books

My little girl loves seeing characters that look like her. She also loves receiving parcels, so this is the perfect solution. Beautiful books with characters she can relate to, arriving in the post just for her! Such a fantastic idea and it has all been great quality. Thank you!

Melanated Mother of 4 children

I was happy to know this is black owned, that alone was enough for me to go ahead and become a subscriber for my 5yr old little Prince. I never had an expectation, I was just ready to support, when I received the package I was very happy and my little prince loved it especially the bag, I myself even learned things about OUR-story I never knew.
Maxine Goddess

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Joshua Karl (Hackney, GB)
Amazing service

Amazing books. My niece and nephew love them. Love reading the books and talking endlessly about them. 1000% recommend!!

Family Combo (Family Box) - Month to Month
Julie Imrie (Huddersfield, GB)
Family Box- Fab!!

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful collection of books.
I had a couple of queries, which were answered immediately- thank you so much :)
Will definitely be ordering from Imagine Me Stories again.

My Daughter loves her subscription!

Imagine Me Stories has been a saving grace for our family, as we were new to the country and lived in a town lacking culture and diversity. Each month, an Imagine Me Stories subscription would arrive and my Daughter lights up, immediately opens the box and spread out her books and activity sheets. She even takes the books to bed with her.
Having your own representation in one's home is so important especially within the UK. My Daughter has even shared stories from her books within her classroom so the learning has even extended beyond our household.
Thank you Keisha for having this vision and for blessings so many households with content, characters and history for our young black community. You are making a difference.

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Tricia (Burnley, GB)
Diverse school book package

This was an amazing set of diverse books and great value for money. I would wholeheartedly recommend this selection to schools everywhere who are looking to augment their range of diverse authors and stories. Many new releases, covering both fiction and non-fiction titles. A quick and efficient way to diversify your library.

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Michelle Anderton (St Albans, GB)
Whole school curriculum development

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Keisha on expanding our reading collection to meet the diverse needs within our school. It came at precisely the right time as we have been developing and personalising our whole school curriculum and we have incorporated some of her suggestions into this. Our children now have a full range of books that enable them to see themselves and their heritage and they are very excited to read them. Thank you Keisha for your knowledge and advice.

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Sasha Ferdinand (Greenwich, GB)

Keisha was able to provide my school with a wide selection of diverse books. The children are excited to read stories with characters that represent their cultural backgrounds. When working with Keisha from, Imagine Me, she was very professional and easy to talk to!

Great books

All books were great for my boys age 2 and 3 they really enjoy them!

Ours,one love,don't worry about a thing,baby bay. Omo omo

Great book about colour hair and overal being a beautiful chocolate kid it...I also have on love and don't worry about a thing inspired by bob Marley and baby baby Omo omo which is very good because my son's father is Yuroba and it teaches you the language....all great books I highly recommend.

DIGITAL FILE: Amazing Black British Sports Heroes Activity Pack
Head of School, East Finchley (Brixton, GB)
Amazing company with wonderful, inspirational stories for children of all ages

I work at a one form entry school in East Finchley and we worked with Imagine Me Stories prior to Black History Month. Keisha supported us with choosing a selection of books for children to read throughout the month. She has also helped us improve the selection of books that we have available across the school, so that they reflect the diversity in the local area. Thank you! Your support and advice has been greatly appreciated by all of the staff and children.

For the first time my son repeated i love this book!

After receiving the first box, I was very glad I stopped scrolling when i found this advert. The contents of the box were phenomenal! Very informative and engaging for a young boy that’s easily distracted. The backpack is brilliant quality, we chose this for our holiday. The teddy is also wonderful. I was astonished with the last exciting pack we received that my son read the same book 4 times and would not go to bed without it! He has NEVER fell in love with a book like this. I am certain the books are personally selected for the child which is a beautiful touch. For instance there was a book where the main character had the same name. The book he has fallen in love with ‘Tennis Team Tension’ is very relateable to him as he is a professional athlete and loves the lessons in the book. The stickers with every package for the wall chart is also a brilliant incentive. I plan to get a package as a gift for one of my nieces. This is undoubtedly one of my best investments of 2023 at a time i was cancelling all my subscriptions and was happy to add this. Thank you. Please never stop!

Zeki Loves Daddy
Nosa E (Coventry, GB)

Finally found books, dolls and images that makes my daugther feel represented! Easy to use, access and order from. My order was treated promptly and I was carried along all through the process. A great exprience

Black History Story Sharing Packs

Wonder resources, that help encourage and engage children to learn and understand about all aspects of Black History. Great for starting discussions and allowing for questions.

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Paul Haylock (Leytonstone, GB)
Fantastic Customer Support

We have been delighted with a bespoke reading selection chosen for our school which did have some particular requirements. The books have now arrived safely in school and have been distributed to classes for children to enjoy.

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Helen Graham (Lambeth, GB)
Imagine Me Stories - just what we needed

For a long time our school had been trying to ensure that our library had a wide range of books where all our pupils could not only see themselves represented but also discover new heroes and role models. Imagine Me Stories found all of these for us and more. The company took time to listen to our needs and wishes so we knew we would be getting exactly what we wanted and we have. Our pupils are so excited to start reading their new books and I can't wait to hear them tell me all about them. Thank you Imagine Me Stories.

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Hannah (Twickenham, GB)
Library Diversity

Working with Imagine Me Stories has been absolutely invaluable. The customised package of books that Keisha put together for our school is truly wonderful, with beautiful, diverse books for both KS1 and KS2 children to enjoy for years to come!

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Samara (Wimbledon, GB)
Lovely books

Keisha sent us some lovely diverse books and resource that can be used throughout the school year. They are engaging and have already been used by our children. Keisha was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process and sent the resources out promptly. Thank you

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Sam Bunce (Twickenham, GB)
Quality resources and great service

Keisha helped us curate a box of books and resources to support our school improvement aims around equality, diversity and inclusion. She listened carefully to what the school was requiring and matched the resources sent to our requirements, saving us hours of research. Thank you Keisha!

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Lucy Tosh (Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB)

Keisha is a delightful woman and a great ambassador for, "Imagine Me Stories!" I had two Zoom calls with her, so that she could ascertain which books would work best for my school setting and also which resources would be useful. I explained how diverse my school is and that whilst we have a lot of BAME books, we are always keen to learn about new titles. Keisha chose five great books which catered for EYFS up to Year 6. She was also kind enough to send three activity packs to accommodate different topics being taught across the school. I would recommend, "Imagine Me Stories!" to all education settings and also to families. It is great that you can, "try before you buy" and we are now investing in the books that were sent! Thank you, Keisha!

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Jessica (Tower Hamlets, GB)
Specific requirements met

Keisha was very helpful and supportive providing good quality books which met my specific requirements. It was a smooth and helpful process providing literature which my children love. I would highly recommend Keisha and Imagine me books to other schools.

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Sarah Keefe (Covent Garden, GB)
Black History Month box

The books and resources were so useful and the posters and activities were great for linking Black History Month across the wider curriculum in a meaningful way. It was so nice to meet Keisha face to face in an online session where we were able to discuss our equalities action plan in order to tailor the resources to suit our needs. Thank you for this enriching box of goodies that we were able to share with all our children and staff. They loved it!

Amazing books

I ordered books from imagine stories. My kids absolutely loved it and they can relate to the characters. Fast delivery also.


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