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Representation counts

My daughter is secure and proud in her identity. This is partly beacuse she has regular stories - which are so important for young children - of people who look like her.

I get a mixed subscriptions so there's books for me and my class. I love this subscription. It's affordable and I love the books. We now ha e more books than we can get through. Thank you guys!

Great read

I think that the Ada Twist book about the scientist and her research was a good book and that it was very interesting and amazing to read!!!😁. Also ,it makes me want to learn about science especially more about the chemicals and how they can be used. I found it inspiring because you do not see many black women in the scientific field .

Imagine Me Stories - Monthly Subscription Box
Fiona Houston (Chessington, GB)

I love this product. Receiving new, beautiful books every month is a dream. My little one is too young to read but it feels like we're building an amazing library for her! I stopped my subscription earlier in the year to save some money but ended up restarting it weeks later because my husband and I felt it was absolutely worth it

Great Investment !!!

I absolutely love this concept. I struggled to find reading books for my son, the excitement when I stumbled upon this platform via Instagram. (Exactly what I needed for my little man) books and activities that he can relate to.

I hated reading as a child and so I told myself if I ever had the opportunity to become a mom I wanted to encourage and teach my kids the importance of reading.

Thank you so much imagine me stories for allowing me to do so in a fun and exciting way xxx

Imagine Me Stories - Monthly Subscription Box
Amy McGeown (South Benfleet, GB)
Absolutely love

My son is 2 next month and we have been receiving these for the last 9months. I absolutely love the delivery. So well presented, great books and lots of fantastic work sheets that I will definitely be doing with my son. Fantastic idea.
I have also connected with other black owned businesses through this too.

Thank you so much x x

I love receiving these books. Not only because of the issue of representation, but because we learn about the life and work of inspiring black people, which they will not learn at school. I love the worksheets as well, I can use them in different ways, I even use them to practise writing in Spanish, our home language. Not all learning is visible, but I know the educational value of imagine me stories is...infinite!! Love it!!

Lovely and I recommend

I was so relieved and excited to hear about this subscription. Even better, my husband and I have not been disappointed. The books are varied, inspiring and feature diverse characters. One example is a lovely book that included inspirational women of all races - it was included in the space-themed pack.

Regarding activities, recently our package had a poster about an individual my son was asked to research as part of homeschooling. It was a welcome surprise to have a break from the screen/ Google because we happened to have a timely and quality delivery from Imagine Me Stories.

The customer service - namely, the speed at which they reply to emails - is also really impressive. So happy our 2 year old and 4 year old have this in their lives. I have and will continue to recommend Imagine Me Stories to family, friends and aquaintances.

Imagine Me Stories - Monthly Subscription Box
Shemayne Walker (Wolverhampton, GB)
Perfect for book lovers like my daughter

I feel that I am just as excited as my daughter to receive the monthly packages.
I am always amazed by the selection of books that you are able to source.
When reading my youngest child (2) often references characters in the book as family members such as grandma and grandad. This makes me smile as it shows that the representation of black characters within the books is having a positive impact on their reading experience, making it both relatable and enjoyable.
Thank you Imagine me stories for creating a beautiful reading experience for my children.

Imagine Me Stories - Monthly Subscription Box
Belle Debrah-Nkansah (Harlow, GB)
I cannot thank you enough

Last year, my mixed race son told me that his, his dad's and his sister's skin colour wasn't normal. After talking through why he felt like this, he told me it's because he only sees people that look like mummy (white skin) in books and on TV. I have always tried to bring my children up to feel proud and confident in who they are, but something was still lacking. That was when I discovered 'Imagine Me Stories' and I haven't looked back since. My 2 and 6 year old can now identify with stories, often stating "that's me!" as we read together. Not only are the books carefully picked and presented with incredibly resources, but, as a family, we are overcoming barriers we didn't know we had. Thank you for all you do x

Imagine me Stories

Imagine me stories has opened a whole new world of reading to my daughter. In a world where black girls / boys are underrepresented in books it is so wonderful to read diverse books that involves black children. Plus I don't have to stress to look for books for my daughter as imagine me delivers them to my front door. I am really pleased and my daughter can continue to read even in the lock down. Thank you imagine me stories. ☺

Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea
Sarah Uden (Cranbrook, GB)
All the books we bought!

We bought so many lovely books for our school with ages ranging from 4 year olds to 11 years. Lovely to have such a good range of stories so that every child in our school community can see themselves represented within our
stories books.
Thank you!
Sarah Uden
Stowting School

My Day In
melissa (Ipswich, GB)

I ordered 3 books from Imagine me Stories, I would not have found these books in the usual bookstore. The children in my class love to read and listen, teaching them about different cultures and how people from different countries live is so important. My package arrived safely, on time and Imagine me stories have checked in to hear my thoughts. I highly recommend!

Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country
Laura (Fetcham, GB)
Brilliant, fun, informative book

I bought this book for my 6 and 8 year old. They both love it, it’s really colourful and fun and have been telling me lots of facts about different African countries. I really want them to grow up with a good understanding of different countries in Africa and I feel this book helps with that a lot.

Dr Wangari Maathai Plants a Forest
Vic O (Manchester, GB)
Really great book with great message

This book was really inspiring with a great message!

Class Act
Adrienne Thomas (Bermondsey, GB)
Amazing service and book

The book arrived within good time.
I bought this book for my nephew after he saw it come with my sons subscription.
Imagine me stories has amazing books and at such reasonable prices.

Amazing books

So I have been subscribed to imagine me for some time now and I always think..we do not need anymore books, but then the package comes and I am amazed at every book that we get delivered ! My little girl loves all the books and there are always some to keep for when she gets abit older ! I love that my child can identify with the characters and her culture is portrayed in some of the books we read! Its just refreshing given the world we live in. The quality of the books are very good value for money too! I will continue to support imagine me and now im having a little boy he can also be on this journey through books with us too x


We love our monthly book subscription. The activities are always really fun and educational! And the books are beautiful. Thank you :)

Imagine Me Stories - Monthly Subscription Box
Audrey Elder (Hornchurch, GB)

I ordered your books for my grandchildren so I asked my son and this is what he said. "My children absolutely love them. They have helped with my 5 year olds development as well as giving her a sense of being able to achieve anything when the characters look like her. My 10 year old son particularly likes the Shuri story and has read every book that has been delivered since". Thank you for doing what you do. The fact that my grandchildren love them and are able to relate to the characters mean the world to me especially because there was nothing like this when I was growing up. Please know you are making a difference.

THE BEST book subscription service!!

We’ve been getting bundles of fab, educational books for months now... have no intentions of stopping subscription as we love receiving it and all of its contents!
Thank you Imagine me stories for such a fantastic selection of books and black history information ❤️


Love getting a new book each month and sharing the possibilities with my daughter. She loves the books. They’re great quality too.

Loooovvvved this product from day 1. It empowers, provides knowledge in a digestible way and provides visual representation that is imperative for young black children's development of self identity and confidence.

Brilliant Idea, Brilliantly Done

I can’t recommend Imagine Me Stories enough. Each month my 5 year old gets an amazing book and some incredible resources which are interactive, fun and informative. We absolutely love it.

Representation Matters.

I was first introduced to Imagine Me Stories in the summer of 2020 on the first Black Pound Day. Every month they send a great selection of books that allow my daughter to see herself through the characters in the books.
Each month they deliver themed aspirational books with key messages available in each title.

Representation matters and Imagine Me Stories ensure that black children and families are represented in a positive light.


I’ve bought a subscription for my three little ones. They are 7,4 & 1, there are books included suitable for each of them which they really enjoy. The extra activities are a bonus, it’s nice to get some happy post as well! The stories themselves are representative, inspiring, thought provoking and really are good stories. Worth subscribing for sure.

Imagine me stories, the best bookstore for my family

My children and myself really enjoyed all the book sent. I am looking forward to the day when I rejoin. There's a lot of variety and fun books... We never get the same books twice. They are very well organised and when books arrives, it's like receicing a present my children get really excited... And so I. Thank you verymuch for the service. Verified Reviews Badge
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