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Ekiuwa Aire

Idia of the Benin Kingdom


Idia of the Benin Kingdom is an empowering picture book that takes readers on a beautifully illustrated journey to the 1500s in ancient Africa. Readers are captivated as they watch Idia transform herself from the young and curious daughter of a village warrior to becoming the Queen of the Kingdom of Benin.

Idia was a queen who helped rule the ancient kingdom of Benin with her wisdom, charisma, and prowess. Much has been written about her bravery, and artifacts in her image are treasured in museums all over the world.

This book imagines what her childhood may have been like, and shares the story of this well-loved and successful African queen in a way that is relatable to young readers.

 The Story of an Actual Legendary QueenQueen Idia played an essential role during the reign of her son, Esigie, who ruled Benin from 1504 - 1550.

 A Narrative That Empowers and MotivatesIdia did not limit herself to the generally accepted qualities of a wife or queen. She challenged the status quo and broke boundaries. Her story provides an excellent avenue to introduce concepts like self-belief and persistence to readers.

 An Author with Passion for African HistoryBorn and raised in Benin City, Edo, Nigeria, Ekiuwa Aire saw the need to share stories of African history as she noticed that there were not a lot of resources that discuss the topic. She hopes that her books will instill pride and acceptance in young minds about diverse cultures.

 Beautiful, Vibrant IllustrationsAs a young child, Alina Shabelnyk knew that she wanted to illustrate children’s books. Her aspiration strengthened when she saw young kids enjoying books that she had illustrated. This gave her the resolve to keep illustrating books that young minds will surely love.

 Exciting Historical FactsEveryone, young and old, will be engrossed with this story. The book also includes a brief history of the Kingdom of Benin, where it was located on a map, as well as information on Queen Idia's legacy.



Author: Aire, Ekiuwa

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 39

Release Date: 12-08-2020

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 8.0 x 0.3 inches

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